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5 Global Forces Shaping the Investment Landscape
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Market Volatility Update (August 2015)
Market Volatility Update (August 2015)
With an eye on the potential impact on investors' portfolios, the Office of the CIO discusses current market volatility.
China devalues its currency
China devalues its currency
The country's recent move caught some by surprise and heightened short-term market volatility. But could it ultimately prove beneficial for both China and the global economy? Office of the CIO, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, offers its outlook.
Watch 'How likely is a Fed rate hike?'
How likely is a Fed rate hike?
And why it could mean good news for investors.
Watch 'Discussing memory and wealth'
Discussing memory and wealth
When memory goes, so goes the ability to manage everything from relationships to decisions on family wealth. What happens next? Now is the time to create and share a plan designed to benefit your children and their children.
Watch 'Alister and Cecile’s story'
Alister and Cecile's story
Watch a personal story featuring Alister Bazaz whose wife has early-onset Alzheimer's.
CIO Outlook: Mid-year Update
CIO Outlook: Mid-year Update
Merrill Lynch's Office of the CIO delivers their latest guidance to investors, and provides fresh insights into four key trends they're watching in 2015 and beyond.
Update on Greece
Greece and China: Beyond the Headlines
What could recent events mean for the markets and your finances? For answers, we visited Michael Hartnett, Chief Investment Strategist for BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.
Update on Greece
Greece, post-referendum
The Office of the CIO, Merrill Lynch Wealth Management, discusses the implications—for politics and the markets—of Greece's recent "no" vote.
Get insights from Merrill Lynch to keep your portfolio on track in any financial climate
Strategies to help you manage your investments in changing markets
Merrill Lynch strategists weigh in on how to keep your portfolio on track in any market.
Watch 'Millennials: Shaping their own future'
Millennials: Shaping their own future
Following several tough economic years, Millennials are making their way in the world. Our experts share some positive insights into this diverse and dynamic generation.
Watch 'How sustainable capitalism is creating a better world'
How "sustainable capitalism" is creating a better world
Companies can do well by doing right, says Arif Naqvi with The Abraaj Group. And that means shareholders, employees and local communities could all benefit.
Watch 'Road to Reform: 3 emerging markets to watch'
Road to reform: 3 emerging markets to watch
Henry Kravis, co-founder of global investment firm KKR, explains how India, China and Mexico are tackling some of their biggest challenges to growth.
Investing in energy efficiency
The Efficient Energy Frontier
Progress on many fronts helps make better use of fuel and power.
Potential fiscal and monetary policy changes in Washington
Washington's Unfinished Business
Changes to fiscal and monetary policies are ahead, but will evolve slowly.
U.S. dollar growth
The U.S. Dollar
Buoyed by American growth, we expect the currency to stay strong.
Augmented reality could provide investment opportunities
Investing in the next big change
Disruptive technologies change everything — until everything changes again. How can one balance the potential of great innovations with the certainty that some will sink as fast as they rise?
Values and Impact Investing
Values and Impact Investing
Opportunities to express personal values through investing.
Aligning Your Investing Goals with Your Principles
Aligning Your Investing Goals with Your Principles
Choosing socially responsible investments that match your personal values could now help your portfolio as well as your conscience. Find out why.
Socially responsible investing
Socially responsible investing
Matching your portfolio with a belief in a better world.
Former United States Senator Bob Kerrey
The Clear-Eyed Optimist
Bob Kerrey sees a future in which Americans live longer and better, and find innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.
Watch 'Disruptive tech will change your life'
Disruptive tech will change your life
But in a good way. Merrill Lynch CIO Ashvin Chhabra explores how the digital revolution is ushering in a new wave of innovation.
Watch 'A Conversation with GE's Jeffrey Immelt'
A Conversation with GE's Jeffrey Immelt
The Chairman and CEO of one of American's most innovative companies discusses U.S. manufacturing, energy independence and how the latest technological breakthroughs are transforming our future.
3 retirement challenges women face
3 Retirement Challenges Women Face
Longevity, the earnings gap and financial confidence. Get insights on how women can address these challenges.
Watch 'Why Cities Are The Future Of Global Growth'
Why Cities Are The Future Of Global Growth
Every week, millions of people make the move from rural communities to urban centers — something global investor Arif Naqvi considers "the most important trend of our lifetimes."
Watch 'The Global Fight Against Obesity'
The Global Fight Against Obesity
The statistics are alarming, but the tide may be turning. And investors could play an important role, says Sarbjit Nahal of BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.
Will the Affordable Care Act impact your finances?
How Health Care Reform Could Impact Your Wallet
Discover how the Affordable Care Act could impact your finances, and learn how to manage potential cost changes.
Watch 'Solving the Energy Challenge'
Solving the Energy Challenge
The soaring demand for energy presents economic, environmental and security issues. More efficient technologies may be the answer, says Sarbjit Nahal of BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research.
6 Tax Moves to Consider Early in Your Career
6 Tax-Smart Moves to Make Early in Your Career
Use these tax-efficient strategies to help make the most of your long-term investments.
Tax-smart investment strategies you should consider
Tax-smart investment strategies you should consider
While taxes shouldn't necessarily drive your investment decisions, they are an important consideration.

Here's what you should know.
Stay ahead of tomorrow's health care costs
Stay ahead of tomorrow's health care costs
Taking a few steps now, while you're still working, to prepare for your health care costs in retirement can give you more choices down the road.
Watch 'What 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds need to know about Social Security'
What 30-, 40- and 50-year-olds need to know about Social Security
Our expert panel discusses how Social Security will affect your retirement plans - and what you can do now to boost your retirement income later.
How to select bonds that match your goals & help you manage risk
How to select bonds that match your goals & help you manage risk
Bonds can play an important role in diversifying an investment portfolio as long as investors understand the risks associated with investing in bonds.
Portfolio rebalancing
Portfolio rebalancing
Is your portfolio in sync with your goals? See how rebalancing your portfolio, including reallocating stocks, bonds and cash, can be a critical step in helping you stay on track.
Managing fixed income when interest rates rise
Managing fixed income when interest rates rise
Begin by taking a thoughtful approach. Consider total returns and not just current yields. Maintain a well-diversified portfolio.
Watch 'Education for All: Building A Better Future'
Education for All: Building A Better Future
In both the developed and developing world, the face of learning is changing. The future may depend on what we do now.
Global investing poses special risks, including foreign taxation, currency fluctuation, risk associated with possible differences in financial standards and other monetary and political risks.

Investing in fixed-income securities may involve certain risks, including the credit quality of individual issuers, possible prepayments, market or economic developments and yields and share price fluctuations due to changes in interest rates. When interest rates go up, bond prices typically drop, and vice versa.

Investments focused in a certain industry may pose additional risks due to lack of diversification, industry volatility, economic turmoil, susceptibility to economic, political or regulatory risks and other sector concentration risks.

Asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

In a world where change is both constant and expected, there are basic, everlasting themes that will remain essential and relevant to people's individual goals and needs.
Ashvin Chhabra
Ashvin Chhabra
Chief Investment Officer Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
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