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Funds Transfer Service Enrollment - Merrill Edge
This form is used to enroll in the Funds Transfer Service (FTS) enabling you to move funds between a primary Merrill Lynch account and other Merrill Lynch accounts, or eligible external accounts. Retirement and NextGen 529 accounts are ineligible account types for the Merrill Edge Funds Transfer Service.
Bill Pay Enrollment
Use this form to enroll in the Merrill Lynch Web Bill Payment Service, so you can pay your bills online conveniently, without the need for stamps, envelopes or a trip to the post office.
Margin Lending Program Application and Agreement - Self-Directed
This form is used to apply for margin for an eligible Merrill Edge Self-Directed account. The online margin application can be used to apply for individual or joint accounts.
Options - Application and Agreement for Individual - Joint - Trust Accounts
This form contains the Retail Option Account application and agreement for Merrill Edge Self-Directed Individual, Joint and Trust Accounts. The online option application can be used to apply for individual or joint accounts, but only individual account applications can be submitted electronically. Joint account applications should be printed and mailed in for processing.
Margin Lending Program Agreement
This document contains the disclosure and agreement that govern the Merrill Lynch Margin Lending Program.
Transfer on Death Agreement
This form contains the agreement and disclosure for a Transfer on Death designation.
Transfer on Death Agreement - EDGE
This form contains the agreement and disclosure for a Transfer on Death designation.
Retirement - Deposit Ticket for Roth Traditional Rollover - Self-Directed
This form is used to initiate a contribution to your Merrill Edge traditional, Roth or Educational IRA. Contributions can be made by check or by transferring funds from a non-retirement Merrill Edge account. The form can also be used to make a rollover deposit of a distribution from a qualified retirement program offered by an employer (e.g., 401(k) plan) that was paid directly to the account holder.
Retirement Distribution - One Time - Edge
This form enables you to begin the process of initiating distributions from your Merrill Lynch Individual Retirement Account (IRA), Rollover IRA (IRRA®), Roth IRA, Simplified Employee Pension (SEP) plan, or SIMPLE Retirement Account (SRA).
Online Delivery
Apply delivery preferences and your selected email address to all of your Merrill accounts.
Legal Name Change Request
This form contains the Legal Name Change application to amend the name associated with your Merrill Lynch account(s).
Margin Lending Program - Risk Disclosure
This document provides some basic information about purchasing securities on margin and alerts you to the risks involved with maintaining a margin account.
W-9 Form
This form is used to certify your taxpayer identification number (TIN) for reporting purposes.
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