College Planning


Are you ready to meet rising college costs? Starting early and investing often can help. Get a firm grip on how much you'll need to save for college.

Take the first step
  • 1.
    Understand college costs
  • 2.
    Start saving now
  • 3.
    Explore 529 plans and custodial accounts
  • 4.
    Fund a return to school
  • 5.
    Balance college savings with other life priorities

What's the best way to prepare for college? Start with a few tips to get the ball rolling—and put an action plan in motion.

Create an action plan
  • 1.
    Become college-ready
  • 2.
    Sharpen your college planning goals
  • 3.
    Consider financial aid, grants & scholarships
  • 4.
    Borrow with care
  • 5.
    Manage college finances with your child

Still in school or newly employed? Either way, we can help you make the most of your money and lay the groundwork for a successful future.

Move toward your goal
  • 1.
    Stick to a budget
  • 2.
    Explore student banking
  • 3.
    Work during college
  • 4.
    Plan for career success
  • 5.
    Tackle debt and pay off student loans
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