Tax Statement Mailing Dates

2017 Tax Statement Mailing Dates

This schedule shows the various tax information forms that will be mailed to you in the first few months of the year. Most amended forms are mailed between the end of February and April 1, 2018. You will only receive those forms that are appropriate for the activity in your accounts.
Form Description of form Mailing date
Tax Reporting Statement - Form 1099 Consolidated summary of Forms 1099 February 15*
Form 1099-DIV Reportable Dividends and Other Distributions January 31
Form 1099-INT Reportable Interest Income January 31
Form 1099-OID Original Issue Discount interest accretion (not paid) January 31
Form 1099-B Proceeds from sales, exchanges, and tenders February 15*
Form 1099-MISC Reportable Miscellaneous Income January 31
Form 1099-C Reportable Debt Income January 31
IRA Fair Market Value Shows the value of the account as of the last business day of the year January 31
Forms 1099-R and 1099-Q Distributions from IRA, retirement account or Education Savings Account January 31
Supplemental Tax Information Statement Widely Held Fixed Investment Trusts (WHFITs) & Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduits (REMICs) March 15
Schedule K-1 Master Limited Partnership (MLP) income, which will be mailed directly from the General Partner Mid-March
Form 5498-ESA Reports contributions to your Education Savings Account April 30
Form 5498 Reports contributions, rollovers, & fair market value of your IRA (other than Education Savings Plan) May 31
* We request an IRS extension every year to account for publication of income reclassification
Any information presented about tax considerations affecting client financial transactions or arrangements is not intended as tax advice and should not be relied upon for the purpose of avoiding any tax penalties. Neither Merrill Edge nor any of its affiliates provide tax, accounting, or legal advice. Please contact your independent tax advisor regarding the items discussed herein.