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New Worth Estimator
Net Worth Estimator™
As a Merrill Edge® client, you can use the Net Worth Estimator to calculate your net worth, an important indicator of your overall financial health, in two simple steps.
  • Determine your net worth using a simple formula of assets minus liabilities.
  • Consider helpful strategies — from dollar cost averaging1 and automatic investing to debt management and asset consolidation.
  • Check in regularly to monitor your overall financial health.
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Add assets & liabilities
While your Merrill Edge accounts are imported automatically, the Net Worth Estimator is flexible enough to accommodate all your assets and liabilities in its analysis. Add a second home, a 401(k), credit card, educational debt or other personal assets or liabilities to get the most complete and accurate picture of your financial situation.
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Integrated accounts
Once you enter your information, it will be saved for future sessions. And if you include information from your Merrill Edge accounts, your updated account balances will be available the next time you use the Net Worth Estimator. Note: any outside account information is used for planning purposes only.
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Gauge your financial health
Your net worth is a gauge of your financial health and can be used by credit bureaus to determine how much a lender will lend you and under what terms. The Net Worth Estimator can help you understand your broader financial picture.
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1Dollar cost averaging does not assure a profit and does not protect against loss in declining markets. Dollar cost averaging involves continuous investing so investors should consider their ability to make periodic payments in all market environments.