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Asset Allocator

Is your asset allocation on target?

Compare your portfolio's asset allocation to a target asset allocation, and get
customized recommendations to help you pursue your target.
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Select an asset allocation target that best represents your portfolio goals and
comfort with risk

Your portfolio should reflect your comfort with risk — what we call your investor profile — as well as your investing goal, time horizon and liquidity needs. Select the asset allocation that best reflects your desired target.

Tell us about your savings
and investments

Select the Merrill accounts you want to include
in your analysis, and then add information
about outside accounts.

See your results and compare your current asset and target asset allocations

We'll compare your current asset allocation to your
target asset allocation, and provide suggestions to
help you rebalance your portfolio, if needed.
This is one of many easy-to-use tools available to you as a Merrill client
to help you make more-informed investing decisions. Ready to get started?

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Help when you want it
Turn to us when you have questions or need help getting the most out of your investing experience. Looking for one-on-one
advice and guidance to help you get and stay on track? Work with a licensed Merrill Financial Solutions Advisor.
Asset allocation, diversification, and rebalancing do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.