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Asset Allocation
Asset Allocator™
As a Merrill Edge® client, you can use the Asset Allocator to determine your target asset allocation based on your investment style, time horizon and tolerance for risk.
  • Determine your investment style and tolerance for risk.
  • Create a comprehensive view of your assets to compare your current and target asset allocation.
  • Consider suggestions for balancing your portfolio so it’s in line with your investment objectives.
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Integrated accounts
Once you enter your information, it will be saved for future sessions. And if you include information from your Merrill Edge accounts, your updated account balances will be available the next time you use the Asset Allocator. Note: Any outside account information is used for planning purposes only.
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Customize your accounts
You choose which accounts to include in your analysis. You have the flexibility to analyze your asset allocation based on near-term goals or long-term goals based on your preferences.
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Evaluate specific suggestions
The Asset Allocator’s results will be broken into a summary as well as a detailed analysis so that you can learn what steps you need to take to realign your portfolio.
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Asset Allocation
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