Retirement Plans for Small Business

Small Business Retirement Solutions from Merrill Edge
The Merrill Edge Advantage
Choose from a 401(k) plan, SEP IRA or SIMPLE IRA. Merrill Edge can help you find the option that might be right for your small business.
Take a look at some of the features of each option:
For corporate employers, partnerships, non-profits *
For self-employed, sole proprietors *
Both the employer and the employee can make contributions
May be able to exclude part-time employees
After-tax or Roth contributions
Loans are an available option
Employer contributions are discretionary
Contributions are immediately vested**
Contributions are generally tax deductible by the business ***
Plan expenses are generally tax deductible by the business
No IRS Form 5500 filing is required ****
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*Employers with 100 or fewer employees who earned $5,000 or more during the preceding calendar year may consider a SIMPLE IRA plan.

** The term vesting refers to whether or not the money that has been set aside for you in a retirement plan is yours to keep if your employment is terminated. "Vested" benefits are those to which you have an absolute right even if you resign or are terminated.

*** Contributions made by a business owner to a SEP or SIMPLE are claimed as a deduction by the business owner on his/her business tax returns. See IRS Publication 560.

**** IRS Form 5500 is a form that 401(k) plans use to satisfy reporting required by law when plan assets are more than $250,000.

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