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Retirement Evaluator
Retirement EvaluatorTM
As a Merrill Edge® client, you can use our Retirement Evaluator tool to see where you stand today and determine whether you're on track to pursue your retirement goals.
  • In a few simple steps, assess whether you’re on track financially to achieve the retirement you envision.
  • Find out the steps you can take and adjustments you may want to consider to help you reach your retirement income needs.
  • Take advantage of practical ideas and suggestions to help you maximize your investment potential
  • Quickly and easily check your progress on an ongoing basis.
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Include a spouse or partner
The Retirement Evaluator allows you to include accounts, contributions, other assets and Social Security from a spouse or partner to get a more complete view of your combined future together.
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Integrated accounts
Once you enter your information, it will be saved for future sessions. And if you include information from your Merrill Edge accounts, your updated account balances will be available the next time you use the Retirement Evaluator. Note: any outside account information is used for planning purposes only.
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Get feedback as you go
As you use the Retirement Evaluator, each step will provide you with valuable information. Because the tool informs you as you go, when you reach the end you will better understand your results and be able to act on your personalized retirement plan.
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