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Fun matters. Be sure to make time for downtime.

Budgeting for "fun"

Budget for travel, hobbies and entertainment so you can cover the bills without giving up what makes you happy.

Tips for planning an affordable vacation

Find ways to save by being smart about flight and hotel discounts, meal costs and more.

Your travel checklist: 10 tips for a worry-free vacation

A vacation checklist can help you plan ahead and reduce stress.

How to pick the right rewards card

Choosing the best credit card rewards program for you depends on your lifestyle and your priorities.

Do I need insurance when renting a car?

Learn about the potential benefit before you accept or decline rental insurance.

Getting ready to get married checklist

These tips can help you budget for your wedding and honeymoon, and discuss your long-term joint financial goals.

Foreign currency exchange

Conveniently order foreign currency through Bank of America.

How to pay when traveling abroad

Tips for keeping your finances under control when traveling abroad.

Global money transfers made easy

Make secure international wire transfers from your Bank of America account.

Avoid sneaky travel fees: A quick-hit checklist

Here are some hidden travel fees and expenses to consider when planning for your next trip.

Start smart with your first credit card

Managing your first credit card is an important responsibility. Learn how to start smart.
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