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Life Events: Family & Relationships

Life happens. Will you be ready?
Throughout your investing life, you're going to experience life events — some planned, some not — that will affect your finances.
We're here to help you prepare for those critical times of financial change.

Family and relationships

Getting married

Getting married or moving in together can be the start of an exciting new adventure. These resources can help you get ready for this new phase in your life.
Learn more about getting married or moving in together

Starting a family

Learn more about starting a family

Investing for
a child's education

Learn more about investing for education

Kids or parents moving in

It's becoming increasingly common for parents, adult children and grandchildren to live together. Learn about living in a "multigenerational" household.
Learn more about kids or parents moving in

Getting divorced

Managing your finances in a divorce may be just as important as coping with the emotions.
Learn more about getting divorced

Losing a loved one

The last thing anyone wants to prepare for is the loss of a loved one, but planning ahead can help make this time a little less stressful.
Learn more about losing a loved one

Receiving an inheritance or unexpected assets

These resources can help you prepare to manage an inheritance or unexpected new wealth.
Learn more about receiving an inheritance

Leaving assets to heirs

Learn how to make the estate planning process more efficient and effective, and one that respects your wishes.
Learn more about leaving assets to heirs
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