Take steps today to prepare for
retirement health care costs

Insights to help you plan ahead

Taking a few steps now, while you're still working, to prepare for your health care costs in retirement can give you more choices down the road. Learn about:
  • What Medicare does and doesn't pay for
  • How to leverage the unique tax advantages of a health savings account
  • How a healthy lifestyle and preventive care may help you save money
6 steps to help you control your future health care costs
Today's retirees spend nearly one-third of their income on health care.Footnote 1 Our panelists offer tips you can use today to get a head start on managing those expenses.
What health care costs can you expect?
Even without a serious illness, cumulative out-of-pocket spending on health care expenses can quickly amount to thousands and put pressure on your retirement income stream.
Projected annual health care expenses for a
65-year-old coupleFootnote 2
Projected annual health care expenses for a 65-year-old couple

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Footnote 1 Longer Lives, Changing Life Cycles: Exploring Consumer and Worker Implications, Credit Suisse Economics Research, July 2011.

Footnote 2 Assumes moderate health. Health care cost projections include Medicare Parts B and D, supplemental insurance premiums and dental premiums. Source: HealthView Services, 2017.

This material should be regarded as general information on Healthcare considerations and is not intended to provide specific healthcare advice. If you have questions regarding your particular healthcare situation, please contact your healthcare, legal or tax advisor.

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Everything you thought you knew about health care is changing, and you may need to reevaluate your situation and make new choices.
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