Your first job

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Congratulations on reaching an important milestone. These tips can help you get your finances and working life off to a great start.
Keep in mind:
Start tackling debt by beginning to pay back school loans, credit cards and other obligations you accrued before you started working.
Budget against your expected take-home pay. If you find that you could be spending more than you expect to make, think about areas where you can cut back.
Build up an emergency fund. Save at least six months' worth of living expenses in an easy-to-access checking or savings account.
Take advantage of any employer match to start investing for retirement

How to create an emergency fund

An emergency fund can help you meet daily expenses when you're facing job loss or an unexpected expense.

Anatomy of a paycheck

When you look at your paycheck, you may be surprised to see that what you end up taking home is quite different from what you expected.

Find the money to invest

See how small lifestyle changes can free up the funds to invest.

4 tax moves to consider early in your career

Use these tax-efficient strategies to help make the most of your long-term investments.

You & your budget: Live within your means

Creating and following a budget can help you pursue your financial goals.

Your 401(k): 10 things to find out

Starting a new full-time job? If your company offers you a 401(k) plan, you may have decisions to make.

How to become a savvy saver

Pay off debt or save for retirement? Learn about prioritizing your savings goals.
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