Life Events: Starting a Business

Life happens. Will you be ready?
Throughout your investing life, you're going to experience life events — some planned, some not — that will affect your finances.
We're here to help you prepare for those critical times of financial change.

Starting a business

Starting your own business can be exciting and challenging. Learn the basics of planning, preparing and launching your new endeavor.
Keep in mind:
Write a detailed business plan
Find an accountant who specializes in your type and size of business; you may also need an attorney
Get an employer identification number, register your business name and decide on the legal structure of your business

Play the video about Borrowing choices for small businesses

Learn how different credit options can support every stage of your business journey.

How hyper-local businesses
stay in business

Local merchants can leverage their position in the neighborhood to gain a decided edge.

Health savings accounts

Learn about a cost-effective way to offer healthcare benefits to your employees.

Small Business Community

Join a community where you can get the industry knowledge you need to help your business grow.

How much to ask for when applying for a business loan

Factors to take into account when calculating the ideal business loan amount.

Back-to-basics cash flow

Managing your cash flow effectively can help you avoid surprises.
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