Beginner Investors

Learn the basics of investing, including the
different investment types and how they work.
Investing for beginners starts with prioritizing your goals.

New to investing?

Prioritize your goals, choose your investments and keep track of your progress.
Watch 'Understanding asset classes'

Understanding asset classes

The types of investments you select play a key role in your investing strategy.
Learn beginner tips in the investment classroom powered by Morningstar.

Investing Classroom

Powered by Morningstar®, the Investing Classroom helps you enhance your knowledge and understanding of investing.

General investing


Mutual funds

Exchange-traded funds

Fixed income


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Proper asset allocation is important

Asset Allocator™

Determine your target asset allocation and learn how to balance your portfolio so it's in line with your investment objectives.
Use these 3 steps to help build your investment portfolio

Build your investment portfolio

Three steps to creating a portfolio that fits your risk tolerance and investing style.
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