Managed portfolios

Professional portfolio management by Merrill Lynch®

If you want a professional to manage your investments for you, consider Merrill Edge Select® Portfolios. Work with a Merrill Edge Financial Solutions Advisor™ to select a diversified portfolio1 that aligns with your goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs and time horizon, then rely on Merrill Lynch investment professionals to regularly monitor and adjust the portfolios—so you don't have to.4
May be a good move for:
  • Simplified and diversified investing1
  • Accessing a professionally managed portfolio
  • Meeting current income needs
  • Long- or short-term goals
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Use offer code ME600 when you talk to a Financial Solutions Advisor.3

Managed portfolios made simple

When you choose to invest with Merrill Edge Select® Portfolios, you receive the ongoing investing advice of Financial Solutions Advisors, an investment strategy aligned to your needs and the professional portfolio management of Merrill Lynch.4

Choose a portfolio

Work with a Financial Solutions Advisor to help you select from a variety of portfolios designed to help you pursue your investment goals.

Pursue your goals

Learn how each portfolio is monitored and adjusted, taking into consideration your investment goals, risk tolerance, liquidity needs, time horizon and changing market conditions.4

Stay on track

Meet with a Financial Solutions Advisor periodically to help you make sure your account is on track with your current goals.

More investment choices

Pricing and fees

It's easy to get started with a low minimum investment and a competitive annual fee that includes execution costs. Other fees may apply2
Minimum Investment
Program Fees2
0.85% annually

Get started

It's as easy as 1-2-3


Meet with a Financial Solutions Advisor

Schedule an appointment to meet on the phone or in person at a Bank of America financial center near you.

Open an account

Open your account with a low minimum investment of $20,000. Your account will be active within a few days of funding, and your portfolio will be managed by the team at Merrill Lynch.4
Here's what you'll need:
  • Social Security number and date of birth
  • A valid mailing and email address
  • Employment information (including company name, address and start date)
  • General financial information (such as annual income and household net worth)
  • Names and dates of birth for any beneficiaries
All account holders must be available in person or by phone.

Fund your account

There are several ways to fund your new account:

Transfer Cash

Fund instantly from your eligible linked Bank of America® bank account or Merrill Edge investment account.
Up to 3 business days
Fund within a few days from an eligible linked account at another financial institution.

Wire transfer

Same day
Wire funds electronically from another financial institution.

Write a check

3 to 5 days
Fund your account by mailing a personal, cashier's or bank check.

Transfer accounts or securities

8 or more days
Transfer an existing brokerage account, IRA account or securities from another financial institution. You can also transfer securities instantly between your Merrill Edge accounts.

Important risk disclosures

1 Diversification, asset allocation and rebalancing do not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.
2 There is an annual fee of 0.85% on the assets held in the account. This fee is charged monthly in advance. For full fee details, please see the Merrill Edge Advisory Account ADV brochure. Program fees include portfolio management and trading costs, as well as ongoing support. In addition to the annual program fee, funds within each portfolio have their own internal expenses, as would individual securities. Other fees may apply, including those mandated by the SEC; transfer, exchange and fund-redemption fees; conditional deferred sales charges; and markups or markdowns.
3 Offer valid for new individual Merrill Edge IRAs or Cash Management Accounts (CMAs). Offer is limited to one CMA and one IRA, with no more than two enrolled accounts per accountholder. Eligible Merrill Edge IRAs limited to Rollover, Traditional, Roth and owner only SEP IRA. The Merrill Edge IRA or CMA may be a Merrill Edge Self-Directed account, Merrill Edge Advisory Account or Merrill Guided Investing account. You may be eligible for a different or better offer. Please contact us for more information.
Offer Limitations: This offer does not apply to any other accounts, including, but not limited to, business/corporate accounts, investment club accounts, partnership accounts and certain fiduciary accounts held with Merrill Edge, or to any types of accounts (including IRAs or CMAs) held with other business units of Merrill Lynch, Pierce, Fenner & Smith Incorporated (MLPF&S). Merrill Edge reserves the right to change or cancel this offer at any time, without notice.
How it works
Enroll: In order to qualify for the cash reward, you must enroll during account opening by either entering the offer code in the online application or by providing the offer code when speaking with a Merrill Edge Financial Solutions Advisor™ at 888.MER.EDGE (888.637.3343) or select Bank of America financial centers. You are solely responsible for enrolling in the offer or asking to be enrolled in the offer.
Initial Funding Criteria: Fund your account with at least $20,000 in a qualifying net new asset balance within 45 days of opening your account. For purposes of this offer, a qualifying net new asset balance is calculated by adding total incoming assets or transfers (including cash, securities and/or margin debit balance) into your new Merrill Edge account from external accounts outside of Bank of America, MLPF&S, and Bank of America Private Bank, and then subtracting assets withdrawn or transferred out of your same Merrill Edge account. Any funds originating from 401(k) accounts administered by MLPF&S are excluded from the qualifying net new asset balance calculation.
Second Funding Criteria: Have at least $20,000 of qualifying net new asset balance in your account 90 days after meeting the Initial Funding Criteria. Your cash award will be determined by the qualifying net new asset balance in your account when you meet the Second Funding Criteria, according to the following schedule set out in this table:
Qualifying Net New Asset Balance Cash Reward
$20,000 to $49,999 $100
$50,000 to $99,999 $150
$100,000 to $199,999 $200
$200,000 or more $600
Your one-time cash reward will be deposited into your Merrill Edge IRA or CMA within two weeks after you meet the Second Funding Criteria. If your account is enrolled in an investment advisory program, any cash reward deposited into your account will be subject to the program fee and other terms of the investment advisory program.
Tax Disclaimer: The value of this reward you receive may constitute taxable income. In addition, Merrill Lynch may issue an Internal Revenue Service Form 1099 (or other appropriate form) to you that reflects the value of this reward. Please consult your tax advisor, as Bank of America Corporation and its affiliates and associates do not provide tax advice.
This offer may not be used as an inducement to sell any kind of insurance, including life insurance or annuities.
4 The Chief Investment Office ("CIO") develops the investment strategies for Merrill Edge Select Portfolios, including providing its recommendations of mutual funds, ETFs and related asset allocations. Managed Account Advisors LLC ("MAA"), Merrill Lynch's affiliate, is the overlay portfolio manager responsible for implementing the Merrill Edge Select Portfolios strategies for client accounts, including facilitating the purchase and sale of mutual funds and ETFs in client accounts and updating account asset allocations when the CIO's recommendations change while also implementing any applicable individual client or firm restriction(s).
The Merrill Edge Select® Portfolios are part of the Merrill Edge Advisory Program and require participation in the program to invest. In addition the Merrill Edge Advisory Program is sponsored by Managed Account Advisors (MAA) an affiliate of MLPF&S. MLPF&S and Managed Account Advisors LLC (MAA) are registered investment advisers. Investment Adviser registration does not imply a certain level of skill of training. Please review disclosure statement for a full description of services and fees.
You may also be able to obtain the same or similar services or types of investments through more than one strategy in the Merrill Edge Advisory Account Program (Program), or through other programs and services, both investment advisory and brokerage, offered by Merrill Lynch; these may be available at lower or higher fees than charged by the Program. The other investment advisory program, which has a lower program fee rate than the Program, is the Merrill Guided Investing program. The services that you receive by investing through Merrill Guided Investing will be different from the services you receive through the Program. The Program differs from Merrill Guided Investing in a number of important respects including that it provides a broader range of investment options, and access to Financial Solutions Advisors. You may also be able to obtain some or all of these types of services from other firms, and if they are available, the fees associated with them may be lower or higher than the fees we charge.
5 Certain banking and brokerage accounts may be ineligible for real-time money movement, including but not limited to transfers to/from bank IRAs (CD, Money Market), 529s, SafeBalanceBanking®, Credit Cards and transfers from IRAs, Loans (HELOC, LOC, Mortgage) and accounts held in the military bank. Accounts eligible for real-time transfers will be displayed online in the to/from drop-down menu on the transfer screen.