Saving for retirement

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Are you saving enough for retirement?

Insights to help you figure out how much you may need, plus ideas and tools to help you close any gaps.
How much do you really need to save for retirement?

How much do you really need to save for retirement?

  • The amount you need to save and invest will depend on your retirement expenses and your future income.
  • See if you're on track by comparing your nest egg with the "best savers" for your age and salary range.
  • Use our tools to help you check your progress, find out if there is a gap and identify ways to close it.
7 habits of successful retirement savers

7 habits of successful retirement savers

What's the secret to effective retirement saving and investing? Two Merrill Lynch strategists share their take on what they've found most confident investors have in common.

10 tips to help you boost your retirement savings —whatever your age


Lessons learned: 8 things retirees would do differently to prepare for retirement

We asked today's pre- and post-retirement investors for their words of wisdom.

More insights to help you pursue your retirement goals

Social Security and your retirement
See how the choices you make today can help boost your retirement income later.

Invest for your goals
Get help defining your investment goals amid life's shifting priorities.

Plan now for health care costs in retirement
Take steps today to prepare for your future health care costs.

Meet the strategists:
Bill Hunter
Bill Hunter
Director of retirement
investment and income
Bank of America Merrill Lynch
David Laster
David Laster
Head of retirement strategies
Merrill Lynch Wealth Management
Michael Liersch
Michael Liersch
Head of behavioral finance and
goals-based development
Merrill Lynch
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1 Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

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