Study Shows Earthing (Grounding) Deepens Meditation Experience

August 20, 2019
07:17 PM ET
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ENCINITAS, Calif., Aug. 20, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Earthing (grounding) significantly improves the quality of meditation, a popular lifestyle practice that reduces stress and increases wellbeing.

An experiment conducted by Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., director of Earthing Institute and research director of Psy-Tech Labs in Encinitas, California, found that meditators experienced a deeper level of meditation, and potentially greater benefits, while grounded for part of a meditation session.

Grounding refers to being connected physically to the surface of the Earth, as occurs when being outside barefoot, or indoors with special devices that conduct the Earth's energy through the grounding system of a home or office.  Many health benefits have been attributed to grounding (see

The study subjects were randomly chosen meditators practicing various techniques for at least a year.  In an office setting, they were instructed to sit in a comfortable recliner chair equipped with grounding connections. An electrophysiological brain mapping helmet, used in research to monitor brain function and coherence, was placed on their head.

The practitioners started their session ungrounded for 15 minutes, then were grounded for 40 minutes, and then ungrounded again for a final 10 minutes.  They did not know when they were to be grounded or ungrounded.

The main results of the experiment among five participants were as follows:

  • A significantly increased relaxed attentiveness during grounding with calm control of feelings and emotions and low level of mental activity, all signs of a deep meditation.  A greater sense of spiritual awareness was also found. 
  • Disappearance of a slight tendency toward ADHD present among two participants during grounding.  After grounding, this tendency reappeared.
  • After grounding, brain waves continued to reflect a significantly calmer, peaceful alertness for about 10 minutes for two participants.  

As described by the meditators themselves, and documented by brain mapping measurements, the participants experienced a deeper level and higher quality of meditation when grounded compared to when not grounded.  One woman said previous pain in her hip disappeared. 

The findings resonate with earlier studies indicating that grounding has a significant calming effect on the nervous system, including brain activity.  The results suggest a formal study is warranted.    

In traditional Eastern meditation, practitioners often sit on the ground or animal skins.  Grounding can be readily added to modern meditation practice with indoor grounding products such as patches, mats, or portable backrests.

Psy-Tek Labs is an independent research facility.  Grounding equipment was provided by  


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