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Paying off student loans

There are many strategies that could help you manage student loans efficiently. These resources can help you get started.
Keep in mind:
  • Consider paying extra each month to reduce the loans with the highest interest rates first, followed by those with the largest balances
  • Think about ways to enhance your income, like a second job
  • Explore jobs that offer subsidies or debt forgiveness
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If you're unable to afford your monthly loan payment, there might be options to delay repayments.
Video: Delaying student loan repayment
Video: Introduction to student loan repayment options
There are lots of ways to approach student loan debt. Here's an overview of some of the options.
Video: Income-based student loan repayment plans
These plans can keep your payments low enough to manage on your income, but they have pros and cons.
When it comes to repaying your school loans, it's likely that you'll have some options to consider.
Use this tool to track your expenses and get a handle on your monthly expenses.
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