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Managing a disability or chronic illness

Illness or disability can come without warning. These resources can help you plan for your current situation and the future.
Keep in mind:
  • Assess how you're managing your current situation, like finances and self-care
  • Evaluate your prognosis
  • Consider your future circumstances
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Consider long-term care insurance if you have assets to protect or want to avoid becoming a financial burden on your family.
An advance directive names someone to act on your behalf or outlines how you want medical decisions to be made if you're unable to do so.
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Forms may be easier to read on a larger screen.
Preferred Rewards
Preferred Rewards
Transfer new assets, such as an IRA from an outside institution, and you may qualify for real benefits and rewards on your Merrill investment and Bank of America banking account.
Merrill Guided Investing with an advisor
All the benefits of Merrill Guided Investing with an advisor who will discuss your priorities and provide advice and guidance to help you pursue your goals
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