Managing market volatility

Strategies to help you manage your investments in changing markets

Merrill Lynch strategists weigh in on how to keep your portfolio on track in any market

Watch '5 steps to keep your investments on track in any market'

5 steps to help keep your investments on track in any market (07:49)

Key topics include:
  • The importance of building an emergency fund
  • How to assess your ability to weather market downturns
  • Building asset allocations1 based on your goals
  • Systematic investing2 through rebalancing
Watch 'Managing your investments and emotions in volatile markets'

How to manage your portfolio and emotions during volatile markets (06:45)

Key topics include:
  • Why volatility is inevitable and how to avoid overreacting
  • Why you should stop chasing performance and consider diversification3
  • How market dips could offer potential buying opportunities
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How much investment risk can you really take on?

Knowing your risk capacity—not just your risk tolerance—can help you create a portfolio that keeps you on track toward your goals even as financial markets change.

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Volatility is inevitable. All we can do is plan for it and help to make sure we have a diversified portfolio that can withstand the volatility.
Matthew Diczok
Matthew Diczok
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U.S. Trust
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1 Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.

2 Keep in mind that systematic investing cannot guarantee a profit or prevent a loss in declining markets. Since such an investment plan involves continual investment in securities regardless of fluctuating price levels, you should consider your willingness to continue purchasing during periods of high or low price levels.

3 Diversification does not ensure a profit or protect against loss in declining markets.