Trading & Analysis Tools

Trading and Analysis Tools
Merrill Edge MarketProTM
Merrill Edge MarketProTM is a customizable trading platform that gives you access to real-time market analysis and insights.
  • Equity, option, mutual fund and ETF trading
  • BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research ratings and alerts as well as third-party commentary
  • Streaming quotes, Watchlists, option chains, charting and quoting tools
  • Low minimum requirements and no set-up fees
  • Live support 24 hours a day, seven days a week
Streaming Quotes
Streaming Quotes deliver real-time market data in a customizable format. You can create up to 20 distinct Quote Lists, each containing up to 250 symbols, and stay current with the equities, options, indices and mutual funds you want to monitor.
Our screeners allow you to set filter criteria, narrow search results, trade, set alerts, and create watchlists.
  • Mutual fund screener - Access thousands of mutual funds and search by country, asset class and fund type, and get fee and performance information for each mutual fund.
  • Stock screener - Search stocks by industry, index membership, price, market cap, beta, historical performance, and Morningstar Rating and S&P Ratings.
  • ETF screener - View ETFs and search fund families, category, objective, performance, risk, and by Lipper Total Return rating and Morningstar rating.
  • Options screener - Screen options by security type, index component, sector, market cap, security last price, option attributes, security fundamentals, and Morningstar Rating and S&P Rating.
  • Fixed Income Screener - Search by bond type or issuer, potential yield, industry, and S&P and Moody's ratings.
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