Save for Retirement

Balance Today's Needs, Save for Tomorrow  Open an IRALearn how to get up to $600 when you open a new IRA

There are some easy ways to start saving for retirement today:

  • Increase your contribution to your company retirement plan by 1% each year when you get a raise.
  • Use your next tax refund to open an IRA.
  • Look at your budget. You might be able to save on some expenses, freeing up cash to put towards your retirement. For example, you could save $1,750 a year by bringing your lunch to work.*
*, Bringing vs. Buying Lunch Calculator
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How much you need to save depends on things unique to you:
  • Current income
  • Existing savings
  • How many years until you plan to retire
  • The lifestyle you want in retirement
  • What you can afford to put aside
Once you have a handle on these basics, you can calculate how much you may need to retire.
Did you know?
Did you know?
Trim $100 from your monthly grocery, entertainment and dining bills over 30 years and you could add $66,394 to your retirement savings.*
*MSN Money: Aim to Save calculator
1Start at Work
Maximize your contribution to your company retirement plan.
  • Contribute enough to get any employer matching contribution.
  • The amount you contribute could help lower your taxes.
2Open an IRA
An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) helps you invest for retirement beyond what you contribute to your company retirement plan.
  • Once you reach the maximum amount you can contribute to your company plan, consider an IRA.
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Learn how our Asset AllocatorTM tool can help you pursue your financial goals.
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Open an account and get access to the Merrill Edge Toolkit.
  • There are different types of IRAs. One might be right for you depending on your financial situation. Find the right IRA »
3Roll Over, Consolidate, Simplify and Save
  • Consolidating your IRAs and old 401(k) accounts could help you manage your asset allocation and diversification. Read about rollover IRAs »
  • Simplify your finances by having all of your investment accounts in one place, and potentially save on fees. Firms may charge fees if balances in idle accounts are too small.
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