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Whether you give your time or your money, you're leaving a legacy.

Decide how to donate your time or money.
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How do you want to be remembered?

Use these tips to put plans in place that can help protect your family and secure your legacy.

Keep the joy of giving alive year-round with a donor-advised fund

Learn how a donor-advised fund could help simplify your charitable giving.

Make philanthropy a part of your estate plan

Find ways to make philanthropic gifts part of your legacy.

Bank of America Charitable Gift Fund

This donor-advised fund can help advance causes you support.

Smart ways to give to family and your favorite causes

Whether you want to give to a charity, a family member or a friend, these tax-wise strategies may increase the value of your gift.

What you need to know about your will

Creating a will allows you to make decisions.

Should you give your kids an early inheritance?

Give now or later: Two questions to consider.
What matters most to you?
Answer a few simple questions to get resources, tools and solutions personalized to your financial goals.
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