Saving for a
large purchase

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Buying a big-ticket item on credit can add up to be significantly more expensive than paying cash: Saving the money beforehand is usually a more efficient strategy.
Keep in mind:
Determine how much money you'll need: Although prices may vary over time, you should be able to make an informed estimate based on comparable items.
Set a savings timeline. One year? Five years? The more time you give yourself, the easier each step will seem.
Create a schedule. Match your savings to your cash flow.
Establish a separate savings account. This will help you keep the funds for your goal separate and clearly see how quickly you are approaching it.

Tips for saving for a large purchase

If you're planning to buy a big-ticket item, it's a good money habit to have a plan to pay for it.

Cash solutions: Where to stash that extra cash

Following a "savings hierarchy" may help you to prioritize where your cash should go.

Cost of Debt Calculator

What is the true cost of an installment loan? This calculator will help you estimate your payments and total overall cost.

Easy ways to save on everyday expenses

Find out about little changes—and a few bigger ones—that can put some cash back in your wallet.

How to set a budget & stick to it

Whether it's something you need or something you want, creating a budget can help you keep your spending in line to help you pursue your goals.
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