Receiving an inheritance
or unexpected assets

Life Events > Receiving an Inheritance or Unexpected Assets
These tips can help you feel prepared to manage an inheritance or unexpected new wealth.
Keep in mind:
Tax-advantaged investing. Consider putting as much as you can into an employer-sponsored retirement savings program and evaluate opportunities for an IRA.
Plan for your kids' college. Make full use of 529 plans and other tax-favored education savings and investment vehicles.
Weigh your options. Look at the potential return you could earn from new wealth against the cost of carrying debt.

I inherited a family member's retirement assets. What are my options?

Learn about different options for managing a late family member's qualified retirement plan or IRA.

Estate Tax Calculator

Estimate what your estate tax liability might be.

Beneficiary of a trust? What you need to know

You have certain rights as a beneficiary. These tips can help you protect your interests.

I received an inheritance. How is this money taxed?

The answer depends on your relationship to the deceased and other factors.
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