Investing for a
child's education

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Investing for a child's future college expenses may be one of your top financial goals, but planning can be a challenge. These resources can help.
Keep in mind:
Assess your needs: How many children do you have/plan to have? How long until they'll start college? Will they attend graduate school? Public or private school? In-state or out-of-state?
Understand what the projected costs will be when your child/children go to school
Determine what percentage of college costs you are willing to pay
Establish a goal so that you can measure your progress

529 Plan State Tax Calculator

This tool will help you consider a variety of tax-related issues when choosing a 529 college savings plan.

Planning for the cost of higher education

College costs continue to rise, but through regular saving and investing, you can help a child realize his or her goals.

College Planning Calculator

Estimate the total projected costs for a college education based on your timeframe and the monthly savings needed to pursue your goal.

5 hidden benefits of 529 college savings plans

A 529 college savings plan can be a great tax-advantaged way to invest for an education, and it may offer surprising financial flexibility.

Paying for college

Many families rely on a number of sources to help pay for college. See how they typically do it.
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