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Envision Your Retirement

Consider the retirement lifestyle you want and answer some important questions:

  • What will change in your basic day-to-day living expenses?
  • Will you work part-time?
  • How will you spend your leisure time?
  • Will you live in your current home or downsize?
Did you know?
Did you know?
67% of investors with between $100,000 and $250,000 in investable assets are concerned about whether their retirement assets will last throughout their lifetime.*
*Merrill Edge Report 2010
Think about how you can control your expenses now, and manage them in the future. Key questions to consider include:
  • How much do I need to cover my daily living expenses?
  • How can I ensure my health care costs will be covered?
  • How can I manage my budget to maintain a comparable lifestyle?
1Build an Income Plan for Retirement
Think about your sources of retirement income.
Figure out your Social Security benefit and consider your pension plan (if you have one), and your personal savings.
Determine what role they'll play in generating replacement income during your retirement years.
2Maximize Your Savings
Maximize your contribution to your company 401(k) plan. Contribute at least enough to get our employer's matching contribution, if they offer one.
Need to know more?
Get a handle on current spending and expenses. Use our budget worksheet »
Wondering if you can afford the retirement you want? Calculate how much you may need to retire »
3Review and Adjust Your Portfolio
Maximize your contribution to your company 401(k) plan. Contribute at least enough to get our employer's matching contribution, if they offer one.
Review your investment portfolio every six months to make sure it still matches your investment goals.
If your portfolio is out of balance, consider making changes that better align with your goals.
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  • A range of investment choices to help you pursue your financial goals.
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1 Withdrawals made prior to age 59 ½ may be subject to a 10% penalty tax.